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Is it S750 Slave control unit can match with the Proscan pedestal ? Which setting are we need to set?

HI All, 

Did anyone knows that, which rotator remote control program can match with the old style Proscan rotator? How to set the PTI broad dip switch setting for the Proscan? where can i get more info about the PTI Broad  Proscan setting? 

Now we can use the S750 to control the Ultrascan rotator with Central remote program, We would like add two more site, which using Proscan rotator for the remote control receiving.  Is It  the S750 can work with both Proscan and the Ultrascan without any setup?      

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Hello Greg,

If you still need help with this topic please reached to our technician, Rick Boyer who is familiar with this product.

Rick Boyer

Technical Support Engineer

Hi Rick


I am Greg, From Hong Kong – TV Broadcaster. I would like to asks some question about the Central receiving System – TROLL with a S750 Slave unit to control an old age Proscan rotator. From the E-Menu of the S750, it shows that it can control with the both Ultrascan and the ProscanIII series rotators without any DIP switch setting the power output voltage.


However, we are observed that the pin assignment of our old age proscan rotator has some different between the exciting ProscanIII. The pins F to K – The motor arme. voltage as been changed from +/- 60VDC to now +/- 115VDC .


I have attached the three type of rotator’s cable printout for your reference.                                                                                                                                                                                            Would you please advise us, which slave unit is suitable for us to match with the Proscan  rotator to do the remote control function with the Central Receiving System TROLL SYSTEM.                                        


Hi Greg,

There are switch settings on the internal PTI daughterboard for either a Parallel control or serial control antenna. An Ultrascan is typically Parallel feed, where a PS3 or PS1 are serial feed. There is also a different configuration for the S750 for whichever feed is being used. I have attached some documents to help understand better.

There may also be software changes required as well. The S750 supplies the correct motor voltage determined by the PTI switch settings and/or configuration of the CF file.

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